200mm Montebello Popper (Flyingfish)

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The OG of the West Coast Poppers brand was aptly named after the iconic Montebello Islands which are an archipelago of around 174 small islands 130km off the Pilbara coast of North-Western Australia and home to more than 450 species of fish including GT, Mackies, Tuna, Cobia, Coral Trout, Cod, Emporer and billfish. Based on the original Montebello shape with enhancements over the years improving the look, performance and strength to withstand everything the oceans predators throw it at.

200mm long, weight 130g, cup diameter 45mm - the perfect lure for your PE6-8 (and above) casting setups. Designed to reduce both casting and working fatigue on the angler whilst maintaining an action that will entice, with long downward sweeps the Montebello will explode on the surface and enter a swim with a right roll and a seductive tail kick as it pops back up to go again.

Solid timber construction with 2mm stainless steel through-wire, quality artwork and hi-strength epoxy for durability.

Designed to handle oversized terminal. Fit with trebles for best action or try a large single or assist on the tail to increase lure action. Another option that works well with this popper is a long assist from the tow point combined with a tail single.

Recommended Rigging:

  • Decoy Y-S23 Big Treble (6/0 or 7/0)
  • Vanfook Takumi Premium Treble (6/0 or 7/0)
  • Decoy Castin' Single JS-5 (8/0 to 10/0) *tail
  • Suteki Crafter's Single Assist (4/0) *tail
  • Suteki Plugging Double SPT503 or Maboroshi (3/0) *belly
  • Vanfook PL-79 Casting Special (8/0 to 10/0) *tail