135mm Droplet (Purple Yellow Fusi)

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A 70g deep bodied stickbait with a strong kick with some body roll when swept or straight wound at various speeds.

The droplet range is all based on the same original body shape, then each size is slightly tweaked and balanced to get the most out of them, and make each size unique. This edition has a reverse taper for extra long casts and a stronger thudding kick.

Features a handmade, timber body fitted with strong 1.6mm stainless steel through wire, finished with a thick epoxy exterior for a deadly combination of looks and strength. As with all handmade lures with natural materials, expect a few grams variation either side.

Best run with the following hooks:

Balanced action: 3/0 belly treble + 5/0 tail single

Stable action: 2/0 or 3/0 trebles